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New Dynamic English: Similar Weird Love like How Bronies Love MLP?

I've first touched this thing which I first thought it's called "DYNET", then "DyNed", when I was in 10th grade, in the beginning of this year. Turns out it's called "DynEd". Oh well. Apparently, everyone in my class is always excited for DynEd. I have no idea why. My reason would be because I get to touch the computer. I love computers.

Anyway, I've seen these two people named Max and Kathy. I'll describe them later. Anyway, I began to like Max, and I also got upset that I haven't found a real-life looking Max in the Video Interactions while I got to see the real-life looking Kathy. I also ship them as a couple because they're together a lot.

Then I've began to be attracted to Max and one of the narrators of DynEd. Max reminds me of Neal McDonough, who I know because of his role in The Tin Man, though it's probably just my delusion. I'm liking one of the narrators of DynEd because of... probably the reason I like Danny Jacob and Kaito's voice.

After a while, somehow, I've found out that there's a podcast from New Dynamic English (part of DynEd where I've found Max and Kathy) which I could download from iTunes, and it turned out that Max and Kathy themselves are the radio hosts. Surprise, surprise! It also turns out that Max also has a wife, which totally broke my shipping of Max/Kathy (I have watched the presentation on DynEd that Max had already had a family he could call when he's in London, but I probably didn't notice). And finally, I think I've listened to the narrator I'm interested in. He was hilarious when he appeared in the Daily Dialogues.

Too bad it's only until Week 12, with the series having 26 weeks in total. However, after some research on the Internet, I've downloaded the rest of the series, and I've finally watched it all. It was so fun despite that I felt that it didn't make sense that I would be a fan of something that's unusual for my age group. Perhaps that's how the bronies felt the first time they love My Little Pony.


Max Wilson: This man who's a tanned skin blond is from San Francisco, California. However, he was raised in Portland, Oregon, and is probably his birth place. Later he moved to Washington D.C., which as he claims is "international" like San Francisco, and soon hosted New Dynamic English with his Kathy. In the software, he's a businessman who usually attends meetings.

He currently has a wife named Karen and a son named John. However, in the software when he was travelling to London, it was said that he would call his wife and children, which would imply that he has more than one child. This must be discontinuity. He also has a dog and a cat named Buster and Felix (a shout-out to Felix the Cat?) respectively. Other than that, he has a sister who got married while he was hosting New Dynamic English. He has no brother, but once a man claimed he is Max's brother. His parents who are married for more than 50 years are living in Oregon. On their 50th anniversary, they went on a cruise to Mexico. One of Max's closest friend is John who lives in England. He usually drinks wine with him.

Max is most likely a history expert, as he loves to read books about history and also appears to know about the year various historical events have taken place. His love for history might have been spread to his son, which is heard in one of the interludes that he began loving the history of the Civil War. Max also loves meat, especially steak. Elizabeth, who works on a different radio show but is in the same company as them, called him "Mr. Steak" once. He also prefers his coffee black and he cannot cook. His favorite sport is football ("American football, not soccer"), but he only watches them. The sports he could actually do are tennis and chess according to the software. He's quite good at tennis, but not so much on chess. He said that Pierre Dubois is better than Max at chess, but less better than Max at tennis. Max's favorite season is spring, where it's warm. He loves to play "Computer Soldier", though he unsuccessfully hides it. He rides a compact car, and had once considered buying a bigger one. As for musical talents, he could play the piano pretty well. He can't play the violin, sing, or dance, though.

He has at least three voices. Two on the DynEd software, and one on the radio show. One of his voices is very deep, and is probably the same one as the one used on Richard Chin. His voice on the radio show might have showed once in the software. His appearance in the Video Interactions are less obvious than Kathy. On the radio show, he interacts with the audience more than Kathy. He chanted in every jazz chant in New Dynamic English (which are hilarious) and asks Kathy Questions of the Week every week. (You don't say?)

Kathy: Too bad we don't know her last name. She used to live at New York, New York. Kathy was a journalist then. She had married once with a musician she met during her young adulthood, but then got divorce because of job schedule issues. Later she moved to Washington D.C. later and hosted New Dynamic English several years before Max. Her ex-husband moved to Washington D.C. and attempted to remarry Kathy, but got rejected. After Max said that single women usually lives the longest, Kathy was glad.  In the software, Pierre's in love with Kathy. About pets, it differs. In the software, Kathy has a cat named Spock (a sign that she's a Trekkie?), while in the radio show, she has two fish.

Kathy is a vegetarian. Of course she's not a vegan, because she eats fish. She can cook and prefers her coffee with milk. She's also allergic to pollen, so she needs to take allergy pills. She also had a cold before. She is farsighted, so she needs reading glasses when she wants to read. Her favorite sport is baseball, and she supports the baseball team from New York (which is contrary to the software where she said that she's not a sports fan). Her favorite season is fall. Her favorite season is red. She also loves to shop for clothes. Kathy could dance, and claimed that she could dance pretty well. Kathy had been searching for a new home to live in. So far, she might have a condo.

Her voice is different from the software and the radio show. However, I think her voice actor appeared in the Video Interactions as Kathy herself. In the radio show, she interviews the most. On the last week, she had once let Max guess the guests from the previous episodes.

Larry: Larry is like the "narrator" for New Dynamic English and Functioning in Business. He is an old man who has a daughter who has a son. Larry might have other children and grand-children, though they have not been specifically mentioned.


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