Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Thoughts on Across the Second Dimension

Obviously as a Phineas and Ferb fan myself, I got excited about the Phineas and Ferb movie Across the Second Dimension,. In the movie, Phineas and Ferb will finally know that Perry their pet platypus is a secret agent. I was hyped! Also, there's a lot of fan theories about this show, including Isabella from the second dimension falling with love with Phineas from the second dimension and the characters forgetting about Perry being Agent P. I myself think that Perry will talk in the movie. I hope it'll be epic.

But sometimes I'm afraid that it'll not be like what I've hope for. Like I haven't seen Perry talk yet. And they'll all forget Perry's secret identity, being more-and-less useless for the timeline. This did caught my attention, though.

The scene was shown in the EPIC trailer when it says "only one secret agent fits the bill" along with Perry the Platypus. It may be that Perry used to be a human, Perry will turn into a human, or both. OR if the figure isn't Perry, it might be a spoilerific character from the movie or just an image exclusively for the trailer, like what one person theorized. If the mystery figure is Perry or the movie doesn't say whether the figure is Perry or not, this will effect the Perry is Phineas and Candace's father theory. I just can't wait!

Here's where the mystery figure came from:

EDIT #1: This.

It's a glimpse of Perry's background story/history. It's interesting, though it might contradict my "Perry is Phineas and Candace's Father" theory. Let's see some more. And I'm seriously curious about the mysterious figure from the trailer! I totally can't wait!

EDIT #2: I have watched the movie! Yup, there were some up and downs. First, well, Perry was awesome along with Alternate Candace a.k.a. Candace-2. Especially Candace-2! She's like a talking Perry the Platypus! You know, the one who cares about Phineas and Ferb so much while kicking the butts of their enemies.

The ending... was cliché. Yep, mind-erased. Hello... it's so common in plots where they know something they shouldn't know. And the mystery figure's a shrub. Go figure. And there's no Perry speaking either. Even Platyborg! Yup, that was disappointing indeed.

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