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A Review for The Return of Hanuman

OK, now I've been crazy about The Return of Hanuman lately. And now I should explain to you about The Return of Hanuman!


The Return of Hanuman is a non-linear sequel of Hanuman, a movie centered on well, obviously... Hanuman. For those who don't know who Hanuman is, he's a Hindu god in form of a monkey (not actually a monkey, he's a vanara) for short. The Return of Hanuman is also a movie which centers around Hanuman, what differs this movie from its non-linear prequel is that instead of taking place long time ago where electricity has yet exist, The Return of Hanuman takes place in the modern world with large skyscrapers and advance technology.

The story goes like this: Hanuman wants to visit Earth as a human (there's a "human" in "Hanuman", lol) after he looks at a little boy getting bullied by his classmates. After convincing Brahma, Hanuman was born as a human boy named Maruti in the village of Bajrangpur. During his human adventures, he helps his friends, faces his problems caused by his superhuman powers, and save the world.

For the movie, I think the idea of mixing Hindu mythology and the modern world is brilliant! It makes the movie more accepted (to me at least). In the movie, even the Hindu gods use modern technology. The laptops, bald-eagle shaped airplanes, even touch screens, which is awesome in my opinion. The Hindu gods also act in a funny manner, like modern Indian people speaking in Hinglish (portmanteau of "Hindi" and "English"), which is something I like. This element is disliked by some of the religious Hindi viewers, but I think people who only regard this movie as a remix of mythology (like the appearances of Vishnu in Family Guy) will be tickled (not literally). The dancing sequence in the movie also made me laughed and made me thought, "That's so Bollywood!"

Albeit the movie is supposed to be set in the modern urban world, the movie takes place in a village, which isn't so modern. The village doesn't have much technology or cars and stuff. I'm not from India, so I may be wrong. I think they chose this setting because people in a village are more traditional and would worship gods more. Despite on the traditional setting, its spin off series The New Adventures of Hanuman makes it up by making the village more modern.

OK, back to the plot. Anyway, Maruti as an infant was very hyper and forever hungry. He is like this, even after three months where Maruti had quickly aged up into a primary school student. With his quirky personality, he helped his friends Minku, Munni, and Daddu against the bullies. I think it's hilarious to see the fright on the bullies' faces. Later, Maruti steals mangoes from the local gangsters who lives behind THE BIG WALL which are the cause of the mysterious disappearance of a number of villagers.

Then came the plot change when Rahu and Ketu (two mythological beings who caused the eclipses) accidently dropped the staff into the village (what a coincidence!) and eventually (I'm actually too lazy to explain the whole thing) dropped into a volcano which transforms into a large monster!

Now for the actual reviews! Okay, maybe I've already reviewed some of the points above, but I'm still gonna review! First, the plot. The plot is pretty good, and makes sense. They show how hard being an abnormal human is when they try to adapt in a certain environment, which is a type of plot I like. The movie also shows that you're not supposed to harm the earth and its contents (including human beings). And... they show how important milk is, briefly.

I don't find any holes in the movie. (I'm pretty dumb when it comes to finding plot holes.) Oh yeah! There's this part where Narada turns into a little kid to call Maruti... from behind the tree! I really don't get that part, seriously. The thing bugging me is that characters keep on gasping. Maruti also keeps grunting (you know, saying "grrrrrr!"), though it's something I would enjoy since it's something of a tsundere (a Japanese term) trait. The shout outs to other movies are entertaining as well.

The songs are Bollywood-esque (duh, it's an Indian movie!), ranging from songs with a lot of hype to songs focused on Hindu god Hanuman. My favorite song would be Peth Hai Ya Blackhole (or is it Peth Ya Hai Blackhole?) because the lyrics are funny as they depict Maruti's love for food. The music they frequently use for the movie is Dhishum Dhishum , which is playful and kiddish.

I love watching the video, and I anticipate on what would happen next with the adorable Maruti and his friends. Especially since it's a 2 dimensional animated movie. The CG of the volcano monster kinda sucks though.

Maruti's voice actor did a good job on voice acting for Maruti. How he tried to sound tough and confident made me laughs. The only thing bothering me is when he said "Hello, Tunnu!" It sounds too much like a little boy rather than a kid acting like a tough warrior. That's what made Maruti special. For the other characters, they sound good as well, and acted well. Minku's kinda wimpy though, but I think Minku is supposed to be portrayed as a wimp. Narada's voice gave his hilarious character, while grownup Hanuman sounds wise but outgoing.

As the movie ended, I felt quite sad that Maruti has to leave the village. I wondered how long would it take for Maruti to grow up into grownup Hanuman after he transforms into Hanuman.

I wouldn't want to rate since it would affect the ones who want to watch the film.

After I've watched the movie, I feel like everybody should watch the movie, especially with the incredibly cute Maruti. Seriously, people should make some fanart of him (along with the other characters). The Return of Hanuman should be broadcasted world wide... I think they should dub the movie soon. They've already been planning it but it hasn't been finished. That way the movie will get more publicity.

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