Monday, December 26, 2011


a.k.a. "Seal of Approval from Danny Jacob" which has yet to be approved by Danny Jacob himself!

You know what? He's so amazing that he approves/supports things that I don't expect him to approve, such as:

  • Roleplaying Phineas and Ferb twitter accounts
  • Phineas and Ferb music videos uploaded on YouTube
  • Beliebers (Yup, he's following their twitter acount)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Looking at my junk

And here's a picture of Montblanc that I've "vandalized" during my junior high school years.

Random, oh so random...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Danny Jacob Should Have an Append Vocaloid

Danny Jacob sang in a lot of Phineas and Ferb songs. In different styles, too! Here are some styles ("Appends") that he had sung.

Append Power:

Append Soft:

Append Vivid... right?:

Append Solid:

Append Dark (Emo?):

If there's a Danny Jacob Vocaloid, I'd so buy it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why Some People Don't Like Phineas and Ferb

I'm curious why people don't like Phineas and Ferb. Here are what people think what's bad about it.

Reason for me to put this? Maybe the when the creators read the hate messages they'll try to improve it. You as the fans could "counter attack" these as well by commenting this blog post.


By Terrel:

"They stink. Every episode is th same thing.

Phineas - Triangle headed boys arent cool. Phineas never gets angry. He's worse than Billy from the gaobam. HES A NERD!!!!

Ferb - Not bad of a character.

Candace - Shes the worst. A 16 yr old who acts like shes 6. I see nothing bad about constructing a backyard playground. What a tattle teller. She should be doing teen thingss, other than her crush.

Dr Doof - I hate him. He is the dumbest evil genius in the world. He names every thing with inator wheter it make sense or not. Perry, i feel sorry for him. Monogram always tells him to attack the same man. He should be doing other things.

The Rest - To ugly for words to describe.

They get cool actors like ashley tisdale and hypnotize you. The characters need to grow up. Espesially Candace , a teenage baby. They are a TON of shows with the same idea as phineas and ferb. Phinas and ferb is bullshit."

"Its sd tha kids these days cant see good shows like i did. Im a ten and i grew up with toonami. Shows on Cartoon network started to suck ever since they started to air live action movies like re animated, with a boy who can see cartoons. Phineas and ferb need to get cancelled. For the only cartoon on disney channel as of now, it sucks. They add all this rock music too attract teenagers. The only ntresting thing on that show is perry, and me and my bros making fun of any kid 11 or up watching this crap they call a show. And if I here isabella go Watcha doin, I know what to do. Kids toda get the worst of things."

By yup:

"Candace acts like shes a little kid.
She's a pathetic character.
she doesnt even act like she Matured or anything
and wtf is with them singing G@yy songs!
Ferb and Phineas = UGLY, STUPID, NERDY, G@yy
it all stinks"

By Brian:

"i also hate phienies and ferb and its a anoying tv show"

By Elite Gamer 360:

"Damn this show sucks so much. i wanna strangle the people who made these shows. the characters are stupid and gay. and who the hell would date a triangle shaped headed kid? Also who the hell has a damn pet platipus? isn't it illegal to have a platipus? Also what kind of a name is Doofinsmerts? Why they made this show i will never know. Candace is a whiny bitch. Phinius a Gay boy. Ferb is a Antisocial retard. Doofinsmerts lacks creativity in his evil inventions. Candace's mom is clueless and Issabella is a girl who probably wants to seduce Phinius. Also What platipus fights a evil retarded genius? NOTHING MAKES SENCE IN THIS SHOW!!!!! This is the worst series i have ever seen."

"It is a show from Hell. I wish the show would get cancelled and never return to television. I hate it so much i would rather rip my eyes out than watch this piece of crap. it's worse than Total Drama Island. Both Cartoon Network and Disney channel suck nowadays. And now Adult Swim sucks now. What the Hell is happening to tv?"

By Capitol A:

"I have to endure my bros watching this crap. A lae song every episode. BTW I hate doctor doofensmirtz, Candace , and phineas and ferbs friends. I hate every character on tat show except for perry in his secret agent for"

"Phineas and ferb is over hyped. Its like everyone likes it except for us. It even got me gounded for 2 weeks. I agree with elite, If i hear that isabella say watch doin 1 more time, i will literally throw my tv out the window!!!
The people were smoking all kinds of $H!t when making this show."

"This is my final comment. Time to end it with a BANG!!!!!
Phineas and Ferb are bad, and they are such f******ugly kids. Tringle head and a rectagle head.Candce is so f***** ungrateful. What kind of RETARTED GIRL DOESNET TAKE THE TIME TO RIDE A FRIGGI ROLLERCOASTER. She hates a beach, waterslide, treehouse. Man what a whiny bitch. I cant stand her screaming every fucking day. The mom is so fucking oblivious and blind. The dad is not showed enough. Dr. Dofenshit has horrible naming skils. Very uncreatve. Issabella, Buford, and Baljeet. Just a couple of your average american kids. If you go to disney studeos today, you see a room full of smoke,and a bunch of crack sheds. Hanna Montanna ,Zach and Cody, and All does teen shows on dsney are destroying what used to be a legendary corporation. I dont seee mickey mouse. All i see is HANAH SHIT ANNAH!!!!! Same with CARTOONLESS NETWORK, STARTING CNREAL,and Adultswim showing random shit.. If yall want to take out your hate on pennis and ferb, write a review on . PIece im outta here"

By Girl:





4.Perry-I like him HE IS INNOSENT....




By Warrior:

"I'll tell you what's up: I happen to loathe Phineas and Ferb because it's too over-the-top for me, Candace screams like the girl she is, those boys use boredom as an excuse to do things that they shouldn't do, and how it references pop culture.

But have any of you haters watched the episode that's "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted"? I have. And what I like about is that the stepbrothers pay for their antics by being sent to military school, although they don't stay there forever because Candace becomes hypocritical by busting them out.

If you ask me, you wouldn't want to have kids like Phineas and Ferb. I sure wouldn't.
If I were in charge of the Disney Channel, I'd forbid all of its other workers to air that animated series. But if they went ahead and did it, I'd fire them."

By I HATE New Days:

"Phineas and Ferb sucks because Phineas and Ferb is a baby show. That's a baby cartoon. There are much better cartoons like DuckTales and Rugrats than this aweful cartoon. That's why I love the 90's. Much better cartoons than Phineas and Ferb. Old cartoons ftw."

By Agony:

"You got that right. Phineas and Ferb, Has dumb uncreative ideas. Stupid characters and a stupid plot. Plus the worst songs i have ever heard in my life. Heard of Ren and Stimpy? Now thats a good cartoon. They don't make cartoons like they used to anymore. Transformers was my favorite cartoon."

By Mollie:

"Candace along with Phineas, Baljeet, Buford, and Isabella are such ANNOYING CHARACTERS.

Candace's scream is SOOOOOOOOOO annoying along with her personality. She is a TERRIBLE Character.

Phineas is an IDIOT with a RLY BAD Actor. His voice is so annoying! And his screaming sounds sarcastic! Plus he NVR pays attention to Isabella's love for him, and that makes him so stupid.

I can't STAND Isabella. She's too happy all the time and it makes her annoying. Plus whenever she sings, her voice changes. I know this sounds stupid, but I find that VERY annoying.

So yeah, Phineas and Ferb is an AWFUL show everyone. DON'T WATCH IT."

By Valerie:

"I can't stand people being like ''Oh this is the best disney channel animated show''
WTF! This show is such copy-cat.
Kim Possible is WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY AND WAY BETTER THAN Phineas and Ferb.
Come on! people. I can give you 10 things Phineas and Ferb copies from the show:
Actually here I go:

1. There's at least two episodes I saw that has the EXACT same plot from a couple Kim Possible episodes.
2. Dr. D named principal villain: Dr. Drakken (Kim Possible) and Dr. Doofersmiths (that show).
3. the main female character's a read head.
4. the read head's boyfriend is a blond dude.
5. like KP Kim Possible has two brothers that invent things and make her life impossible just like Candace with P&F.
6. Rufus > Perry (both are secret agents)
7. Vanessa (Doof's daughter) is a rip-off of Shego (Drakken's sidekick)
8. The songs.
9. Try-city area.
10. some jokes

There you go.
That's why Phineas and Ferb suck.
and Im a tell you. the show's funny and all, but Disney is trying to replace Phineas and Ferb with Kim Possible."

By Felix Krull:

"Yes, this show is definitely not the best cartoon out there. But also not the worst.
There are a lot of things on the show, which make me cringe:
- The art leaves a lot to be desired.
- The show is extremely predictable.
- The one episode to shake things up is a DREAM.
- The voices are very annoying, especially Phineas' and Candace's voice.
- The show basically consists of running gags and brick jokes.
- They are friends with a boy, who is very openly a bully and has no problems bullying them.
- Adults are portrayed as idiots.
- The characters are (literally and metaphorically) two-dimensional.
- Everything is stereotyped: The Indian nerd, the German Villain, the Jewish Girl, the Japanese, slightly ditzy best friend etc, etc..."

By Gravity96:

"Sriously, Phineas and Ferb is like one of the worst Animated shows I've ever seen.
I mean, Wtf is it suppose to be about!?
A different topic but the same scenes in ever episode! WTF!?

Phineas and Ferb do something nauthy and Candicefails at trying to snitch on them

Perry gets in trouble with some retarded dude in a lab suit

WTF!? that happens in every episode!?

Its so boring! ITS LAME!"

By Popoman:

"Sriously, Phineas and Ferb is like one of the worst Animated shows I've ever seen.
I mean, Wtf is it suppose to be about!?
A different topic but the same scenes in ever episode! WTF!?

Phineas and Ferb do something nauthy and Candicefails at trying to snitch on them

Perry gets in trouble with some retarded dude in a lab suit

WTF!? that happens in every episode!?

Its so boring! ITS LAME!"

"Screw them! Screw them all to heck! Darn them! Darn them all to heck! BAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I wanna beat up candace until she cries and apologizes and says she's sorry for tattling on phineas and ferb! Man, how much I want to beat her up with a baseball bat! I really, hard, baseball bat to beat her up with! This is no joke! CANDACE IS SO MEAN THAT I WANNA BEAT HER UP WITH HARD, PAINFUL, AND SO HURTFUL BASEBALL BAT THAT SHE'LL STOP TATTLING! Man, how much I wanna hurt her and assualt and eat her up with a serbian tiger! She's so mean!!!!!!!!!!"

By Randokm:

"It is always the same I hate that show!
Clueless retarded prents- bla bla bla by kids
Candace: you two i am like in charg elike do something like bla bla bla
Phineas; ferb i know what were goiing to do today
(the two freaks rush to backyard)
candace: like OMG have you notice like jarimmies blabla bla
Monogram:Agent p stop Doofen
Perry salloots and runs off
Doof..: bla bla bla weird backstory bla bla my Bla-inator ( all it does is makes pudding)
perry gets trapped breaks out imppossibly and kicks doof.
Phineas make something impossible that would have probably killed a real person
issabella: what you doing (keeps thinking about phineas) ya i can do that he he
candace; Mooom Mooom
Doof: Agg noo Perry1b noo
Inater explodes Perry escapes and Doof doesn't die!!!
Phineas thing explodes
parents:what is it bla bla bla
Candace: but but but it was rifght blabla
parents: bla bla snacks bla
ferb: bla bla bla
phineas; giggle giggle
see so Annoying"


By Mariah Whitston:

"Its the same routine all of the time. What do you want to do today, ferb? ... ( cricket )

I know !! Perry goes off somewhere and goes to defeat dufenwhatever, then phineas and ferb go start building.. isabella comes and says WHATCHA DOINNNN !?! And somehow the fireside girls help phineas and ferb. Candice catches them and goes to tell ...(tharr be more)"

By Anh Pham:

"oh mi gosh i frickin hate phineas and ferb>:( and their mom is so frickin stupid. she is like blind or something. okay there this one episode called lemonade stand and there was like a whole bunch of lemonade stores right behind her and she... didnt even see it omfg make me so mad>:( gosh and and all perry and doofenshmirt do is fight. what's the point of this show anyway. phineas and ferb will never get busted and perry and doofenshmirt will do the same thing.=____= oh and doofenshmirts creation always aim at phineas and ferbs creation which makes it disapear before mom gets their. omfg how is that even possible this show is frickin reetarded."

By Akasha Nelson:

"Phineas and Ferb is so annoying. Candace needs to get a life and not b so obsessed with busting her brothers. And Phineas is a know it all when he doesn't know crap. I turn on disney looking for something to watch and this GAY show is on. And now they made that Fish Hooks thing which is just like it!!
Disney Channel , for the sake of us all, GIVE UP ON ANIMATED TV SHOWS I HAVEN'T SEEN ONE THAT IS DECENT!!"

By Jenn Mcr Egelfeld:

"i HATE this show! the songs have horrible lyrics, candance should be past the age of being a 'tattle tale', but apparrently not. shes also WAY too obsessive about jeremy. and also, most of their year is summer! have these writers ever researched how many days there are in summer? (not that theres anything wrong with an elongated summber, but they need to get an education, seriously!). doofinshmirts is.. dumb. just, dumb... no one is evil on purpose. whats his deal? ahhh!!!, this show doesnt deserve to still be airing!"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We actually know what Perry's Saying!

I've been to the Platypus Day page from the Phineas and Ferb website. Then I went to the Agent Communicator! In the activity, you get to send a message to your friend. Apparently Perry a.k.a Agent P speaks for you, and they use some translator to translate what he's speaking. There are options of what Perry's speaking. Here are the phrases Perry speaks, sans the ones related with Platypus Day on March 5th.
  1. One part beaver, one part duck, all platypus.
  2. From steamy tropics to freezing snow, I'm well equipped to battle evil in all climates.
  3. I enjoy fresh water creeks, slow-moving rivers, and hovercraft maneuvers.
  4. I'm a semi aquatic egg laying mammal of action. (reference to Perry the Platypus Theme)
  5. More than just mad skill, I've got a beaver tail and a bill. (reference to Perry the Platypus Theme)
  6. I'm one tough mammal! And I never flinch from the fray. (reference to Perry the Platypus Theme)
  7. My bill is rubbery, flexible, and ready to fight evil.
  8. I may swim with my eyes and ears shut, but hear and see all. Beware evil doers!
  9. Doo bee doo bee doo bah
  10. Grrehh/Gyurururu. (Like Interview with a Platypus)
Perry has... a quite awesome personality.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Thoughts on Across the Second Dimension

Obviously as a Phineas and Ferb fan myself, I got excited about the Phineas and Ferb movie Across the Second Dimension,. In the movie, Phineas and Ferb will finally know that Perry their pet platypus is a secret agent. I was hyped! Also, there's a lot of fan theories about this show, including Isabella from the second dimension falling with love with Phineas from the second dimension and the characters forgetting about Perry being Agent P. I myself think that Perry will talk in the movie. I hope it'll be epic.

But sometimes I'm afraid that it'll not be like what I've hope for. Like I haven't seen Perry talk yet. And they'll all forget Perry's secret identity, being more-and-less useless for the timeline. This did caught my attention, though.

The scene was shown in the EPIC trailer when it says "only one secret agent fits the bill" along with Perry the Platypus. It may be that Perry used to be a human, Perry will turn into a human, or both. OR if the figure isn't Perry, it might be a spoilerific character from the movie or just an image exclusively for the trailer, like what one person theorized. If the mystery figure is Perry or the movie doesn't say whether the figure is Perry or not, this will effect the Perry is Phineas and Candace's father theory. I just can't wait!

Here's where the mystery figure came from:

EDIT #1: This.

It's a glimpse of Perry's background story/history. It's interesting, though it might contradict my "Perry is Phineas and Candace's Father" theory. Let's see some more. And I'm seriously curious about the mysterious figure from the trailer! I totally can't wait!

EDIT #2: I have watched the movie! Yup, there were some up and downs. First, well, Perry was awesome along with Alternate Candace a.k.a. Candace-2. Especially Candace-2! She's like a talking Perry the Platypus! You know, the one who cares about Phineas and Ferb so much while kicking the butts of their enemies.

The ending... was cliché. Yep, mind-erased. Hello... it's so common in plots where they know something they shouldn't know. And the mystery figure's a shrub. Go figure. And there's no Perry speaking either. Even Platyborg! Yup, that was disappointing indeed.

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Opinions on Phineas and Candace's Biological Father

Phineas reading his (biological) father's diary.

Apparently the post about the possibilities of who Phineas and Candace's biological father is gets many views by Phineas and Ferb fans. Sorry for the bad grammar there. I hope I'm better at it now.

Anyway, that post was based on other opinions. This post is based on my opinions. In my opinion their biological father is Perry the Platypus. The theory was first mentioned in the Internet by Bobtherandomguy from PnF Wiki. I know, it's weird, but I just think it's the best theory of their biological father yet.

I'm not just gonna talk about how Perry the Platypus lost his fatherhood. I'm gonna tell my theory on how their father (any kind of person, not just Perry or Doofenshmirtz) disappeared and what kind of problems he had with Linda. I will also going to tell you about his history. I'm still using Perry the Platypus as the "father" in this theory.

Here it goes.

During high school, Perry (it's most likely not his real name, but let's just call him "Perry", OK?) is an inventor/geek? and master guitar player, being part of a band. Eventually Linda got impressed by Perry's awesome guitar playing and wanted to learn how to play the guitar from him. Perry agreed. As he teaches Linda how to play the guitar, they eventually love each other, agreed to date and even marry.

They both became big stars, being famous and all. But a few years later they gave up on their star careers and settled for a simple family life. Except that... Perry is too busy with his job. He wasn't even there when Linda gave birth to Candace. (makes me think that Linda would most likely as "Hey, where's Perry?" LOL) Perry does take care of Candace (but rarely), and he really wants to, but he feels that his job is a must, and frequently leaves his family for his job... as a secret agent. Candace became lonely, not only because her father's very busy but her mother has her business too. Because of that she would usually play with an imaginary Zebra and Ducky Momo. (I think.) There's also a possibility that Perry wanted Candace to be a boy and occasionally called her "Kevin".

One day, Perry received an announcement from the boss (maybe Major Monogram, but probably not) that in order to disguise better, the agents must transform into animals. Perry had to think for a while, he's not sure if he's ready to turn into an animal. Then at home, he suddenly had a fight with Linda while she was being pregnant with Phineas. She scolded him badly about his absence for the family. It surely doesn't help that she's having mood swings during the moment.

Then came the tearjerker. Perry came close to Candace to say good-bye, wrote a "suicidal note" saying that he's sorry that he can't take care of the family because he's too busy for work, and left to change into... a platypus.

Well, the father doesn't have to be Perry. He could be replaced with some other guy who cares about work more than his family, and left them without trace, thus being "dead in absentia". The "preferring work over family" part is mostly inspired by Swampy Marsh's joke about Perry being married with his job. Seriously, it helped so much. Thank you!

OK, move on! After Linda found out, she went quiet. There's no sign of being sad or happy or angry. She just went to bed. The next days she tried to find a new love. That's when she found Lawrence. Apparently Lawrence has a scholarship to study in the US and brought Ferb (whom I think got pregnant with Ferb because of alien abduction, but he always keeps it a secret - even Linda doesn't know). They fell in love and got married. Somehow.

Oh yeah! Perry who was transformed into a platypus was soon Linda's pet a few months before Phineas was born. Perry's memory got a bit mixed up, and he kinda forgot his fatherly days, which is probably why he doesn't have any romantic affection with Linda. She got Lawrence anyway. When Perry was still human he regretted that he can't take care of his kids, especially Candace, so when he's a platypus, he has a sudden affection towards Candace, despite that they have a love-hate relationship.

My depiction of their dad holding Candace as a toddler.

EDIT: I'm gonna add some more because I have realized that Phineas had an experience with baby Perry. You know, in that episode where Perry had to be resigned to another enemy because Dr. Doofenshmirtz isn't much of a threat? Well, here's the addition.

Apparently before Perry became a platypus, his nemesis wasn't Dr. Doofenshmirtz. He goes against any enemy all over the world, like James Bond. He's also the best agent in his agency (and probably the only competent one). When he was in the agency, he also makes his own gadgets which he uses when he fights against evil. Because of this, he only appeared at home for once a year. The first time of the year is when Perry made Linda got pregnant with Phineas. A few months later, he came back, but was scolded by Linda.

Perry was pretty much banished from the house forever. Then the agency wanted Perry to be reborn as an animal to disguise better with a machine. With the machine, Perry became a platypus, but a mindless platypus. The agency got disbanded because they have destroyed their best agent and was replaced by the O.W.C.A. The organization thought that the platypus had some potential, so they figured out a method to make the platypus act like a human with multiple abilities. Then they figured out that they could also do it with other animals, and set them with their own nemesis, so they wouldn't have one agent trying to defeat many enemies.

EDIT #2: Editing again! Linda, Phineas, and Candace's last names were Flynn. Some would assume that their father's last name is Flynn, too. But since Linda's parents' last names were also Flynn, the father's last name would obviously be something else. And then, someone said that Linda and the father might have not been married yet. I think it's possible in the US to have kids despite not getting married yet, so maybe they haven't married yet and never divorced (in this theory the father "died", not "divorced").

EDIT #3: Some people were wondering if Phineas and Candace even have the same dad. Well, I think they have the same dad, since Candace's head is pointy like Phineas, though it may just be her hair. Though it's also possible that Linda was a *ehem* prostitute with men and had Phineas and Candace. And for those who thinks that Heinz Doofenshmritz is one of them, no. I do not think that Dr. Doofenshmirtz is the father of any of them. I've been convinced by the Doofenshmirtz Family Reunion and the episode What Do It Do? where Heinz had a (possibly blind) date with Linda and had never meet again until this day.

Yup, that's my theory. It's probably gonna be jossed by Dan and Swampy anyway. *whimper*

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Candace and Perry

Perry the Platypus and Candace Flynn are my favorite Phineas and Ferb characters. And no, I'm not gonna pair them up just because they're my top 2. It's just a coincidence. I do like their connection, a special one that is.

I happened to be interested since Perry seems to be more involved with Candace than Phineas and Ferb (not counting the fact that his battles against Dr. Doofenshmirtz made most of their inventions disappear). The scenarios involving Perry and Candace that I remember are Perry appearing in Candace's bedroom in this episode where some of the big focuses are Candace hates Perry but actually shows that she loves him when he disappears, Perry and Candace switching brains, and Perry dreaming of Candace dreaming about Phineas and Ferb get busted.

There are some fan theories that says that Candace's dream from Wizard of Odd is also Perry's. There are some evidence of this, like the dream having Agent P, Dr. Doofenshmirtz and even Major Monogram. And it also appears that there's a Perry POV there too. I think every scene in the episode would have either Candace or Perry. Also, when Candace wakes up, there's also Perry lying beside her.

There are a few theories around this special relation ship between Candace and Perry. Some say that Candace and Perry are mind-linked, some may think that Perry is Candace, and I think it's that Perry is Candace's father who really care about her. Aww...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SpongeBob vs. Phineas and Ferb

I interview with people via Omegle if they would prefer SpongeBob SquarePants or Phineas and Ferb. Hilarity ensues. I'm gonna put it here for analysis. You could read it for analysis too. Or maybe you could just read this for fun. Enjoy!


You: OK, as a stranger, I will ask you. Do you prefer SpongeBob or Phineas and Ferb?
Stranger: Phineas and ferb definitely.
You: Why? What made you choose Phineas and Ferb over SpongeBob?
Stranger: Spongebob was something that I kind of grew out of.
Stranger: It's more of a show for people under 13.
You: But isn't SpongeBob for grownups too? You know, for its violence and hidden elements for grownups to enjoy?
Stranger: You could argue that same point for both sides though.
You: Hmm?
Stranger: You know, the violence.
You: What do you refer to when you mention "both sides"?
Stranger: Spongebob and phineas and ferb.
Stranger: All cartoons have violence.
You: Hmm, if you do believe that both of those shows have those elements for adults, why did you say that SpongeBob is more of a kids show that Phineas and Ferb?
Stranger: Holy shit, mind fuck.
Stranger: To be honest, I prefer dragon ball z.
You: OK. You mean "mind fuck" is the reason why SpongeBob is a kids show?
Stranger: Yes.
Stranger: Are you getting this from cleverbot, or something?
You: No. Why did you ask that?
Stranger: ...
Stranger: No reason.
You: So kids would rather watch show that don't make sense than watching shows that make sense, right?
Stranger: You're weird.


You: Can I ask you something?
Stranger: of course
You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: spongebob
You: Why?
Stranger: so cute
You: What's bad about Phineas and Ferb and what's good about SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: Hhhmm ... Coz I never watch Phines and Ferb before , and I often watch Spongebob ... Sorry for it !!! ^^
You: It's OK, I think it's just because of Phineas and Ferb's lack of publicity. Would you mind watching on YouTube then?
Stranger: oohh ... yeahh , sure
You: OK then. Good for you. I hope you will have fun. Bye.


You: Would you prefer SpongeBob SquarePants or Phineas and Ferb?
Stranger: I would prefer SquarePants
You: Why?
Stranger: no reason
Stranger: I just like SquarePants more
Stranger: ; )
You: No reason, don't you? Everything has a reason. Maybe you think that SpongeBob's more interesting?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: Weird question though
Stranger: pff.
You: OK then. Thanks for answering. Bye for now.


You: Would you prefer SpongeBob or Phineas and Ferb?
Stranger: SpongeBob
You: And why?
Stranger: I do not know what it was!
You: You mean you don't know Phineas and Ferb.
You: Right?
Stranger: yes


You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: MMM.... Phineas and Ferb I think... why?
You: I want to ask you why you would prefer Phineas and Ferb over SpongeBob.
Stranger: how old are you?
You: 14. Why?
Stranger: nothing..
You: So, why would you prefer Phineas and Ferb over SpongeBob?
Stranger: I prefer see children doing things than fish having showers in the sea......


You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: spongebob
You: Why?
Stranger: coz u can squeeze it like a gals booobs
You: Don't get you, but do you mean that you like squeezing SpongeBob?
Stranger: u have boobs.???
Stranger: breasts
You: Uh... I gotta go now. Bye.


You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: i prefer Sponge Bob!
You: Why?
Stranger: it's been with me since i was 10!
You: You mean you're just more used to SpongeBob than Phineas and Ferb?


You: Hi.
Stranger: hi asl/
You: 15 f indonesia
You: May I ask you a question?
Stranger: yeah
You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: the first one
You: Why?
Stranger: where do u livfe exactly in Indonesia?
Stranger: live
Stranger: i think its funnier
You: OK. Thank you. Bye.

DIALOGUE NO. 9 (This one's probably a Phineas fangirl)

You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: phineas
You: Why?
Stranger: becaus i like it
You: And why do you like it?
Stranger: it is sexy
You: How could Phineas and Ferb be sexy?
Stranger: hey i m not ur teacher
You: What made you think of that?
Stranger: i didn't understand
You: Seriously, I'm just curious why you think Phineas and Ferb is sexy.
Stranger: i didn.t understand ur ques.i just told phineas
You: And I asked "why do you like it". And you answered "it is sexy". Wouldn't that mean the show's sexy to you?
You: Oh... you mean Phineas is sexy?
Stranger: yeap
You: Oh... I get it now. OK, that's all I need. Thank you.


You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: none
Stranger: of the above
Stranger: lol
You: lol


You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: spongebob definitley. phineas is just an a**hole
You: Why do you think Phineas is an a**hole?
Stranger: hes just a c*** ya know. spongebob is genuine as
You: As what?
Stranger: as genuine gets
You: You mean you don't have a reason why Phineas's a c***?
Stranger: well nto really. hes just not as cool and spongebob
You: OK then. Everyone's opinions are different.


You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: phineas and ferb
You: Why?
Stranger: there funnyer


You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: spongebob
You: Why?
Stranger: i love him
Stranger: cause he's yellow
Stranger: like chinese man
Stranger: or simpsons
You: So it's only because he's yellow?
Stranger: yes and he speaks funny way
Stranger: phineas and ferb are lame asses
You: And why are they lame?
Stranger: look stupid
Stranger: no style
You: Style, as in?
Stranger: and like go to hell phinas and ferb
Stranger: spongebob rules
Stranger: and bigget reason
Stranger: it's not a funny show
Stranger: spongebob is
You: What makes Phineas and Ferb not funny while SpongeBob is?
Stranger: its just not,spongebob being aired so long time and its just supe duper funny without any specific reason,
Stranger: phineas and ferb
Stranger: its like slow suicide
You: Whoa. I appreciate this pretty long discussion. I'll share it to my blog, Good day.


You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: phineas & ferb, spongebob freaks me out :|
You: You're pretty cool since you've given the answer after your choice. Bye.


You: hi
Stranger: M or F
You: F
Stranger: if i may ask?
Stranger: is M welcome to you here
Stranger: may i ask location please?
You: May I ask you a question?
You: I'm from Indonesia btw.
Stranger: sure go for it
You: Would you prefer Phineas and Ferb or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stranger: NJ US here
Stranger: phineas probably
You: Why?
Stranger: may i ask age please or rather not say
You: I'm 15.
Stranger: phineas is more sophisticated
Stranger: 21 here
Stranger: want be friends or rather not
You: No, I just want to ask the question. Bye!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Review for The Return of Hanuman

OK, now I've been crazy about The Return of Hanuman lately. And now I should explain to you about The Return of Hanuman!


The Return of Hanuman is a non-linear sequel of Hanuman, a movie centered on well, obviously... Hanuman. For those who don't know who Hanuman is, he's a Hindu god in form of a monkey (not actually a monkey, he's a vanara) for short. The Return of Hanuman is also a movie which centers around Hanuman, what differs this movie from its non-linear prequel is that instead of taking place long time ago where electricity has yet exist, The Return of Hanuman takes place in the modern world with large skyscrapers and advance technology.

The story goes like this: Hanuman wants to visit Earth as a human (there's a "human" in "Hanuman", lol) after he looks at a little boy getting bullied by his classmates. After convincing Brahma, Hanuman was born as a human boy named Maruti in the village of Bajrangpur. During his human adventures, he helps his friends, faces his problems caused by his superhuman powers, and save the world.

For the movie, I think the idea of mixing Hindu mythology and the modern world is brilliant! It makes the movie more accepted (to me at least). In the movie, even the Hindu gods use modern technology. The laptops, bald-eagle shaped airplanes, even touch screens, which is awesome in my opinion. The Hindu gods also act in a funny manner, like modern Indian people speaking in Hinglish (portmanteau of "Hindi" and "English"), which is something I like. This element is disliked by some of the religious Hindi viewers, but I think people who only regard this movie as a remix of mythology (like the appearances of Vishnu in Family Guy) will be tickled (not literally). The dancing sequence in the movie also made me laughed and made me thought, "That's so Bollywood!"

Albeit the movie is supposed to be set in the modern urban world, the movie takes place in a village, which isn't so modern. The village doesn't have much technology or cars and stuff. I'm not from India, so I may be wrong. I think they chose this setting because people in a village are more traditional and would worship gods more. Despite on the traditional setting, its spin off series The New Adventures of Hanuman makes it up by making the village more modern.

OK, back to the plot. Anyway, Maruti as an infant was very hyper and forever hungry. He is like this, even after three months where Maruti had quickly aged up into a primary school student. With his quirky personality, he helped his friends Minku, Munni, and Daddu against the bullies. I think it's hilarious to see the fright on the bullies' faces. Later, Maruti steals mangoes from the local gangsters who lives behind THE BIG WALL which are the cause of the mysterious disappearance of a number of villagers.

Then came the plot change when Rahu and Ketu (two mythological beings who caused the eclipses) accidently dropped the staff into the village (what a coincidence!) and eventually (I'm actually too lazy to explain the whole thing) dropped into a volcano which transforms into a large monster!

Now for the actual reviews! Okay, maybe I've already reviewed some of the points above, but I'm still gonna review! First, the plot. The plot is pretty good, and makes sense. They show how hard being an abnormal human is when they try to adapt in a certain environment, which is a type of plot I like. The movie also shows that you're not supposed to harm the earth and its contents (including human beings). And... they show how important milk is, briefly.

I don't find any holes in the movie. (I'm pretty dumb when it comes to finding plot holes.) Oh yeah! There's this part where Narada turns into a little kid to call Maruti... from behind the tree! I really don't get that part, seriously. The thing bugging me is that characters keep on gasping. Maruti also keeps grunting (you know, saying "grrrrrr!"), though it's something I would enjoy since it's something of a tsundere (a Japanese term) trait. The shout outs to other movies are entertaining as well.

The songs are Bollywood-esque (duh, it's an Indian movie!), ranging from songs with a lot of hype to songs focused on Hindu god Hanuman. My favorite song would be Peth Hai Ya Blackhole (or is it Peth Ya Hai Blackhole?) because the lyrics are funny as they depict Maruti's love for food. The music they frequently use for the movie is Dhishum Dhishum , which is playful and kiddish.

I love watching the video, and I anticipate on what would happen next with the adorable Maruti and his friends. Especially since it's a 2 dimensional animated movie. The CG of the volcano monster kinda sucks though.

Maruti's voice actor did a good job on voice acting for Maruti. How he tried to sound tough and confident made me laughs. The only thing bothering me is when he said "Hello, Tunnu!" It sounds too much like a little boy rather than a kid acting like a tough warrior. That's what made Maruti special. For the other characters, they sound good as well, and acted well. Minku's kinda wimpy though, but I think Minku is supposed to be portrayed as a wimp. Narada's voice gave his hilarious character, while grownup Hanuman sounds wise but outgoing.

As the movie ended, I felt quite sad that Maruti has to leave the village. I wondered how long would it take for Maruti to grow up into grownup Hanuman after he transforms into Hanuman.

I wouldn't want to rate since it would affect the ones who want to watch the film.

After I've watched the movie, I feel like everybody should watch the movie, especially with the incredibly cute Maruti. Seriously, people should make some fanart of him (along with the other characters). The Return of Hanuman should be broadcasted world wide... I think they should dub the movie soon. They've already been planning it but it hasn't been finished. That way the movie will get more publicity.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is one good voice

This is a song made with UTAU. The voice comes from Malak Shah, the voice actor of Maruti from The Return of Hanuman. Go to the original video page for more details.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Guile's Theme goes with everything

Including this one: