Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vocaloid Songs which Promotes Indonesia

Yup, Indonesia's the country which I was born and raised. Oh, and I'm going to have a citizenship card there, too I hope.

I just feel glad that a number of Vocaloid fans have attention to Indonesia as well, including the Japanese ones, the ones from the country home to the most famous Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

First, I will post original songs by Indonesian people:

Jangan Benci by anita lucius feat. Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, and Kamui Gakupo

I like this song, it's just one of the types of songs I'm into. This song teaches us a lesson to not hate anything no matter the misfortunes we had experienced.

3G:gem(P)a gem(P)a gem(P)a!!! by binz'bell feat. Kagamine Len

This song is dedicated to the earthquakes which frequently happen in Indonesia (or other place, I don't know). The singer sings about the events of earthquakes.

month of music by meijuni feat. Hatsune Miku

I love this song! This song is about well, music. Just music, I guess. You could read the lyrics on the video if you want to know further.

Now is for the covers, as in Vocaloid singing an existing song:

Indonesian national anthem Indonesia Raya by Hatsune Miku

Indonesia Pusaka by Hatsune Miku

Indonesia Pusaka is filled with nationalism and tells about how awsome grateful the country is.

Adem Sari Jingle by Kaito

(Sorry for self-promoting...) It's a jingle for a type of health drink. It's a weird song, you know.

And now for those Japanese people who produced original Indonesia-related songs:

Sayang by yuyun feat. Kaito

Probably the most well-known Indonesia-related song made by a Japanese person, with more than 10,000 views on NicoNicoDouga. Not sure what the song's about, but I think it's about someone struggling to love and worship what's above. Related to the Balinese culture.

Gadis Jelaga by BungaP feat. Megurine Luka

The song is available on sale on iTunes. I think it's about about a "sooty girl", probably a doll which needs some love. The doll is mostly a wayang, a type of puppet used to tell stories. Related to the Javanese (or Sundanese) culture.

OK, I guess that's done. I hope Indonesia gets more mentions in Vocaloid songs. Good day.

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