Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Surprise Party

I just saw my class head cried the first time! Well, it was her birthday today, and her school organization boss teacher guy helped my classmates (seriously, I wasn't involved) throw a birthday party by suddenly getting mad at her while "testing her mental skills". Man, she cried! And she's supposed to be some manly girl who suddenly got taller than me by less than a year.

She got chocolate cake. It tasted very good, just like when it's my homeroom teacher's birthday.

I think that each time someone was treated like that, I started to cry too. For two reasons: I want to be respected like that in a party (I didn't get much of a celebration this year, dang) and I imagine myself being treated like that.

Hm... I think I would already guess on what would I do if someone did a birthday party like that. I would get angry and run amok.

Anyway, I edited some of the screenshots which were related to Rami Malek (again, mentioned) in Photoshop (The Pacific and 24):

Above (just in case you asked why did I put a "random" woman): The girl who slapped Snafu Shelton.

Learned from tutorials on this site. I think I'll stick to drawing instead.