Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is liking someone real better than a fictional character?

Well, you know Rami Malek from the last post, right? *tsundere*Well, it's not like I'm liking him or anything!*tsundere* But... you know that he's real, while Montblanc's not! I've seen the guy's preformance from (almost) all of the programs he stars in. He did pretty much do things that I've never heard from Montblanc before, especially as Marcos Al-Zacar from 24. He shoots someone, bleeds, cried (with tears?). Yeah... I wish Montblanc could be like that. Could it be because...

Montblanc's not real?

Well, it's actually up to the creators of Ivalice Alliance if Montblanc's gonna do all stuff. And so far for the fanarts, the only fanart which involves Montblanc bleeding and crying are works by me! *sigh* This just sucks.

But what actually is better? Liking a real guy or a fictional guy? In a fangirl way, not a lovey-dovey-romance thing!

Hm... maybe I'll talk about that Egyptian American guy some more. A lot of people thinks that he's handsome, especially sexy, Or So I Have Heard from YouTube comments. Well, I don't think he's sexy! I don't even like to see his face. (Well, it's kinda my nature to not have eye contact.) I like how he acts innocent and stuff. I like comedy, and when he's associated with it, it's definitely something I like! I also like his voice somehow. It's not sexy! I just like voices like that. Despite that he's actually born (and raised?) in America, he still sounds a bit Egyptian, you know. And I like his role in Night at the Museum, Ahkmenrah/Akhmenrah/Akmenrah (man, so many spellings) mostly because of his clothes.

Do you know that this weird feeling inside me is also encouraged by my sisters, who also said that Rami Malek is attractive?

Just darn! ಠ_ಠ

Oh yeah! Look at this! This is mostly why I like that guy who I described the most in this post!

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