Monday, April 19, 2010

Curse you, Akhmenrah the Pharaoh!!!

*Screams Dr. Doofenshmirtz Style*

I watched Night at the Museum a few weeks ago, and saw Akhmenrah, the supposed pharaoh from the movie. All of my sisters and friends said that he's either cute, handsome, or hot. But I think that it's kinda disturbing to see him and his appearance drives me crazy! I like his costume, though. Yeah, it's pretty attractive.

But the rest is kinda creepy. Especially during the movie's sequel. The character who was played by Rami Malek only appears during the prologue and epilogue. And he kinda acted kinda nuts during the epilogue, when he tried to explain the magical tablet in front of little girls (who had not faced puberty yet, so they weren't attracted, yet), but ended up lying that it was just a decoration.

Hm... well, I'd better keep on liking Montblanc until I'm in college.

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