Thursday, April 29, 2010

1234 manga in process

I'm currently making a Manga named "1234". It's about the daily (or fantastic) lives of companions Lala and copycat404 (nicknamed "cc404" or "Cece" by some, though Lala calls her the former). I was inspired after reading "Satu Atap"; I found out that I could also try publishing a comic as well. It'll be in Indonesian, unfortunately. But, I'll publish them to the web in English only.

Now I'm in progress of making a chapter which Lala and cc404 visits an old mansion. Yep, that's a small spoiler for you! I'm not even finished with the draft yet! Do you know that I'd have to scan them to the computer, ink them on PaintTool SAI and GIMP, then print them out before sending them to the company?

So please support me for this project, OK?

-Lala L. Stella

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