Thursday, January 7, 2010

Montblanc in FFTA3: OA

I will introduce Montblanc from Final Fantasy Tactics A3: Omega Awakening (I kinda suggest it as Final Fantasy Tactics α3), a fan project, not from Square Enix, as it's disclaimed. In the website that is now on maintenance, I was in charge of this character (I'm a big fan of him anyway).

Let me kinda do some artist interview kind of thing. I gave him a monocle because of his "upperclass" state. You know, because of he leads Clan Centurio, one of the most well-known clans in Ivalice. If you think about the clan's salary, you'll think that the clan leader would get the most money right? That made me think that Montblanc's rich. Another reason is because he's a professor type of person in this game. I'll explain later.

His outfit isn't actually his original outfit from the other games (unlike the picture above), instead Montblanc would wear a modification of it.

Well, you'll probably know what's its relation with the story plot below (it's font is white, so it's a spoiler thing).

Montblanc is the leader of Clan Centurio, a clan that is well-known all across the world. But despite of Montblanc's fame which led him to be almost more famous than Prima Donna, not a single person, with the exception of his close friends, knew even a hint that Montblanc has a certain goal.

When the moogle wasn't standing on the banister giving hunts or using his Black Magick to knock off monsters and crooks, or searching around the streets for the latest rumors so he could solve them, Montblanc resides in his bedroom, reading some books he either borrowed or bought in public places. What was in those books?

Books about Grimoires, magic, crystals, anything inter-dimensional. He wanted to know about the world his old friend had lived. It has been years that he's been doing this, reading pages and pages and study on them.

When Montblanc had already married a wealthy girl (named Reaker), quit his clan for a while, and had a child who was old enough to go to school, something had said to him that he should have a journey, to deepen his knowledge about this Grimoire, or even help someone with a pack of knowledge filled within his head.

Montblanc is later found in Jylland by the protagonists of FFTA3, Mira and Otto (such not-good names, I guess) during a mission where an unknown person needed help in research (or his monocle, this is still to be discussed). They thought it was a Nu Mou, but then he was Montblanc. Mira tells Montblanc that she wanted to go home to Earth, then he says that his old friend was from there too. Montblanc said that his friend was lost, but he helped him to bring him back home.

With all of those people following Montblanc, there was a mission where another clan member of Clan Centurio (and a big fan) wanted to have a battle with him. When they get defeated, the member of Clan Centurio said that they weren't good enough because of Montblanc's absence, but the founder said that they just needed to train harder.

His signature weapon is a Bulava, a mace made for some noble upperclassmen like him. It was made for a long time, and it was an award with no price. The mace gave him a new ability to his Negromancy skillset, Faust. It could be obtained through a special mission where his wife sent him a package. Montblanc must receive it in the Harbor, but it was invaded by pirates, therefore they must be defeated in order to finish the quest.

There's also a dismiss mission (a feature Tempestman introduced) for Montblanc, where he receives a letter from his wife that her family misses him. You don't have to worry, since you could also turn back from this mission. There will be some Yes/No option in the quest.

That's all for the information. It's not that it's accepted by the FFTA3 crew, but let's hope it does.

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