Monday, January 18, 2010

Girl looks like Montblanc!

Kinda spoiler-ish, but as long as the story isn't shown a lot, it wouldn't be that much of a spoiler, right?

Well, this is MiniMandy (a.k.a "Minnie"). She's in this "warrior" mode. It's green, with yellow lining, had brown stockings, oh man! I cannot believe Bleedman had drew something so cool! He drew something very similar as to Montblanc! She even had gray eyes and blonde hair, which is even more similar!

Then there will be something important to her while wearing that attire! I'm going fangirl right now! Let me breathe hard first!

OK, I read this comic with my sister since she wanted to read this. I'm also curious because it's a very known comic. Oh, and this comic is called "Grim Tales from Down Below". I just hope I don't get it wrong...

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