Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Final Fantasy Tactics A3 info

Final Fantasy Tactics A3: The Final Chapters (temporary name) is a fan project started by Tempestman. It is a group of ideas by many fans of the previous Tactics series. It has both dark and bright elements. The story is about a school girl who found a mysterious book on the streets, despite that she didn't really like ancient books like the book she found. She kept it anyway since her father is an enthusiast of historical books. When she slept, she found herself in a weird world known as Ivalice, in a situation where war is in place.

Characters: (some spoilers, but some major spoilers are hidden.)

Mira Randell:
The female protagonist who found the book in her town. She happened to have a mysterious power, which might trigger the Grimoire she held.

Otto: The male protagonist who saved and helped Mira in Ivalice. He is described as the "player character" and he is as important as Mira. Otto is an archer who seeks revenge.

Jak: Otto's moogle thief who has the same goal. Their clan will named based on his "grandpappy", and he talks a bit more "streety" than others.

Lif: He is a viera, and Shara's brother who protects Mira, since she is familiar to another person who was described to him before. Despite being a male viera, he lived among female viera instead of the place where male viera should belong to.

Seth: Otto and Jak's best friend, who was thought to be dead a few moments ago. But he was seen alive again...

Mid: A Rev engineer who loves engineering. Not much is known about him.

Marigold: Lif's old friend, she was his partner a long time ago. She seems to have an affiliation with Seth (or does she?).

Montblanc: A moogle who works part-time as a "professor". He went to Jylland in his expedition in order to research the place where there was another person who was involved with the Grimoire before. Yes, this time, he has a wife.

Babus: Yes, he's here too. But as an illusion made by the Occuria.

Just go here and here if you want to see or contribute any ideas.

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