Friday, November 27, 2009

The Sims 3

I played The Sims 3, and it was a blast. In my game, there are three Sims, Lala Luna Stella (sim version of me), Montblanc (the handsome one), and Cindy (my little sister's). Lala Luna's currently going steady with Montblanc. (hehe...) That's such fantasy, isn't it? My traits are Daredevil, Hot-headed, Inappropiate, Artistic, and Clumsy. One of Montblanc's traits are Insane. Really, no kidding here! Why? 'Cause I was inspired by his FFTA2 description, last sentance. You'll understand. And I'll try not to digress (haha Montblanc FFXII said that word!).

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