Friday, November 6, 2009

I just knew Montblanc's Sticker Picture!

I was confused about the picture of a Montblanc sticker used at an exhibition on FFTA2 (I sure wanna join!). This was the picture. (click to enlarge)

(Fan Wank: Why is Montblanc only called "モンブラン" while the other characters had longer names? Oh come on!)

I sent a translated comment to the person who's in charge of the exhibition, and he (I think) said that it was Montblanc with a book and casting fire, like what I thought. I've became more curious, but I'll lay back for a while... until I saw this!

There are some stuff that's not really drawn accurately (like his shoes), but it was drawn really well. This was drawn by this person, thank you very much. Click the link if you also want to see Hurdy and Penelo.


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