Monday, October 26, 2009

Upgrade: New Comics

First, let me show my art first because I had access to them quicker.

Monburan no Hanayome Manga Pag by ~Kuzlalala on deviantART

This is a random page that I've made in Paint with my mouse! It's about the Monburan no Hanayome thing. (I think it's a bit fetish fuel to see Montblanc fainting with blood on his face.) Because of that, I'm currently making a full book version of that with my pencil today.

It's another entry for Pumpkin Head. It's Mustadio Bunansa from Final Fantasy Tactics in Montblanc's clothes. The two look alike, you know!

Now for cc404's comic!

The Boomer Story 1:6 by ~copycat404 on deviantART

This is Boomer's Story. It's about Boomer's experience when he goes to Bubbles' party. Just read it already!!! (or not)

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