Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Halloween! (for the people who celebrates it) I'm not sure if this holiday is celebrate in the East (except for Japan?), but I know that a lot of people are celebrating this in the West, including USA. I love looking at people in costumes. cc404 and my costumes are as witches, though in a different genre. I wonder what does Copyzinks 1234 wants to dress up in Halloween?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Upgrade: New Comics

First, let me show my art first because I had access to them quicker.

Monburan no Hanayome Manga Pag by ~Kuzlalala on deviantART

This is a random page that I've made in Paint with my mouse! It's about the Monburan no Hanayome thing. (I think it's a bit fetish fuel to see Montblanc fainting with blood on his face.) Because of that, I'm currently making a full book version of that with my pencil today.

It's another entry for Pumpkin Head. It's Mustadio Bunansa from Final Fantasy Tactics in Montblanc's clothes. The two look alike, you know!

Now for cc404's comic!

The Boomer Story 1:6 by ~copycat404 on deviantART

This is Boomer's Story. It's about Boomer's experience when he goes to Bubbles' party. Just read it already!!! (or not)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nostalgic Posts

Kuzlalala here again!

I remember posting posts about Montblanc. I started making these last year. And since my knowledge had grew (along with some theories), I will "answer" my own questions.

1. What’s your last name? I’m SO curious!

Not answered yet...

2. Who are your mom and dad? I’ve only known your siblings and master. Can you give me a picture of them and your master? PLEEZ???

Montblanc's master might look like Yasumi Matsuno, since this story was made to commemorate his leaving from the dev team.

3. Who created Yiazmat?

His master, probably.

4. What is your birthday and zodiac?

Please be April 15th!

5. Do you have a crush on anybody? I bet that you’re not gonna tell.

Not answered yet...

6. How old are you?

I was thinking that he's in his 20s-30s (and yet hasn't got a lady love yet!)

7. Have you studied at a school?

No, if you think about it. He has a master, so he's probably in homeschool with his master.

8. What’s you hobby?

With him being a black mage and has "connections" to the grimoires, it's probably reading. (blech!)

9. Do you have very good handwriting?

Based on the answer above, yes.

10. What’s your talent?

Doing black magick??

11. Do you hate Reaker?

Not sure...

12. Have you met Shara before?


13. Do you claim yourself as a very smart moogle?

Since he's a black mage with high magick power, I assume he is.

14. Is it true that you love gossips?

In the Japanese site, it says that he's interested in current events (a.k.a "breaking news"), not gossip.

15. Where did you get you AWSOME outfit and your woody staff that you’re holding at FFTA2?

Not answered yet.

16. What’s the blue book that you’re holding at FFTA?

Since at FFTA2 books are used for casting spells, it's probably a casting book.

17. What’s your element (as in fire, ice, thunder, etc.)?

With the Gigas Pendant, it's probably fire.

18. What’s your favorite book?


19. Are you rich or poor? Not for offense, though.

I think he used to be normal, but he became rich because he's a clan leader. JUST LOOK AT THE CLAN HALL IN FFXII!!!

20. If you pick any moogle job BESIDES the black mage, what would it be?

Not answered yet.

21 Would you like to be called “Monty”?

Not answered yet.

22. What’s your religion?

It cannot be Kiltias for sure, because it was formed in the era of Final Fantasy Tactics, WAY after Montblanc's time.

OK, that's done! I just hope Montblanc gets to be a well-rounded character at the sequel of FFTA2 (aka "FFTA3").

Comic plans

cc404 and I are planning to make a comic. Wanna know what they're about?

Kuzlalala's comic: Bunny had come back from the dead, with a secret no one knows yet. Will this problem be solved?

copycat404's comic: Digimon romance, I forgot who? It's between the plant and samurai.

I'm also planning to make a comic named "1234". It's a slice of life type, about two people's friendship. I'm going to make this when I get older.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, copycat404!

She's now 13, you know! HOO-RAY!!! It's not like it's that important to her. But she's my friend, so I should make her something special.