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Monburan no Hanayome!

Monburan no Hanayome (モンブランの花嫁) is a recurring mission from the Ivalice Aliance. You know, the one where Montblanc gets a letter from a townsgirl who wants to confess their feelings. And when he comes to the location, it is actually a trick!

I wanted to make some fanfiction of this, and because of that I want to makea synopsis the character sheet.


At a small age, Reaker was a friend of Montblanc, and then she started to like him when they were older. She asked him to go steady with her (you know, boyfriend girlfriend) but Montblanc rejected her. So when Montblanc went to the dream Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Reaker's wishes (though unconcious) caused her to make a trick for him as a lesson in humanity.

As Montblanc went out of the dream Ivalice, he wants to make Reaker understand the reason of his rejection to her, because he is too busy managing Clan Centurio. Reaker was unconvinced though.

A few years later, Montblanc wanted (or sneaked out) to Jylland in search for the Gigas Pendant, because he had a replica once, but it was lost. He once went to Jylland with his prestigious Clan Centurio and fought in a tourney. After he took a journey too long, he posted a mission called "Wanted: Friends, Kupo!" and found out that a boy named Luso of Clan Gully had already found the Gigas Pendant; along with the "Bringer's Pin" (Pin of Order) and the "Reaper's Rings" (Earrings of the Dead). He temporarly joined Luso's clan without telling Clan Centurio about it.

The news had spread that the famous leader Montblanc had came to Jylland made a viera named Fras had an idea... for revenge. At Montblanc's last visit to Jylland, he told the tourney operator to not anounce his clan because he sense something suspicious. It was Fras' clan (unnamed) that gave an elixir to the other clan so their bowels turn to water (maybe that they have some digestive disease?). The leader Fras was astonished when Clan Centurio came to the tourney. Fras' clan tried to defeat them, but unfortunately they failed.

Remembering that bitter moment, Fras gave a letter to Montblanc to meet her at the Hall of Kings, Ruins of Delgantua. At that location, Fras engaged Montblanc to a battle, turning out that she was defeated again. Though he had beaten up someone who cheated her way to victory, Montblanc felt pitty for her.

Moments after the battle, Reaker decided to go to Jylland after she heard about Montblanc's departure from Rabanastre. She wanted to tell her feelings toward him once more.

At a pub in Jylland, Reaker asked people where Montblanc went... until she met Fras. They both argue each other about him. At the end Fras said that she regrets about the avengement, and wanted to apologize to him. The two people who liked Montblanc helped each other, and may have conflict in between.



He's not actually the main character, but he's the main target. The other two characters (being Reaker and Fras) will work together or fight each other for him. He is named with the honorific "-sama" by Reaker and Fras.

His name means "white mountain" in French, which probably why the name of the Viera in FFTA2 is also french.


I consider Reaker as a girl because even though her English name sounds like a guy's name, her Japanese name is Reika (レイカ) which is a girl name in Japan.

She's a Mog Knight from Clan Rose. At least at the dream Ivalice. She lives in Rabanastre with Montblanc, and befriends with him and acts like an inferior, making her calling him with the honorific "-sama". She asked him to be his girlfriend once, but was rejected.

Because of that, in the dream Ivalice Reaker wanted revenge for him, though unconcious. She is potrayed as a Tsundere, and her name means "cool summer" in japanese.


Real name Francoise, she is the viera who wanted revenge from him. She is called with the honorific "-chan" by Montblanc, because before the tourney they became friends at the moment.

She admires him for some reason, probably his weird kindness, which made her call Montblanc with the honorific "-sama". I'm going to make her with a longer face. The drawing is in process, but you can see her sketch at my dA account (Kuzlalala).

She is the youngest sister of two in her family. Her big sister seems very feminine and more mature than her.

She uses the pronoun "atai". Since it's considered very impolite or informal, she will be potrayed with a Yakuza additude. Or Ladette.

Her Japanese name means the "French Language" in French while her English name Fras means "rain" in Scottish.

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