Sunday, September 27, 2009

Drawing Fras

This is the process of drawing Fras from Final Fantasy Tactics A2. It's a bit like a tutorial, I guess. Except that I don't have a lot of screenshot for this.

First, I draw a sketch. I drew this at Photoshop with a drawing tablet.

Like in this picture, I drew the face anatomy first. Then I drew her eyes, nose and mouth. Then the rest like her hair, ear, and clothes. In drawing, it's recommended to have your own style of drawing, being inspired from tutorials from many types of media.

Then I made a new layer and did the line art. It was pretty hard when drawing line art... After the line art is done I made a few more layers for the colorings (using the plain brush). When the coloring is finished, I made a new layer and set the style to "Multiply" (with help of another artist) and put the lighter tones, then I put the darker tones after that.

Lastly, I put in the highlights and the extra stuff, like at her shoulders and her cheeks. Then I put a simple background with fire with Gaussian Blur.

Here's the finished picture:

I hope you like this picture, and give me some tips and comments.

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